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We bring together experienced coaches, to help you obtain the career outcomes you want for your future here in America. 

Our coaches prep you for behavioral and technical interview questions, through one-on-one coaching and effective feedback. Discover where you should invest your time and effort when it comes to improving your resume editing and communication skills. 

We'll go above and beyond to make sure that you have a good resume. You can count on us to help you succeed in your journey. Our team will help you reevaluate your strategy to see if there's anything that can be improved.  

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Xiaodong (Simon) Lu

Data Analyst 

I was lucky to have AJ when looking for my first job in Sydney. The reference check takes much longer than expected, AJ kept following up with the employer and helped me to get through it finally. Such a kind and professional person! 


Mez Gallifuoco

Chief Product & Growth Officer

Aijalon helped us find a lead UX designer for our company during a really competitive time in the market. What I really enjoyed about Aijalon was how patient and diligent he was about understanding our needs and becoming knowledgeable about the product. He was quick, efficient and a pleasure to work with. Would definitely recommend it! 

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David Ryan

Machine Learning Engineer

I have worked with Aijalon over the past few months hiring computer vision and machine learning engineers. AJ also helped me interview for a number of exciting roles. I found him to be incredibly helpful and extremely friendly and professional the entire way through. I highly recommend Aijalon Wallace!

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Dol Thapa 

Business Intelligence Lead 

I must admit, of most of the recruiters I’ve spoken to, AJ is one of the most switched-on professionals who provide personalized recruitment services. Quite recently, AJ helped me secure a BI lead role by matching my skills with the organizational requirements, taking into account my career stage.   

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Samanvay Karambhe 

Data Scientist 

AJ helped me secure a data scientist position at a unicorn tech firm. I had never before met such a genuine and honest recruiter. He underpromised and over-delivered. That's a rare quality in a sea of recruiters with big mouths that reel you in without any results to back them up. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend AJ for his recruiting talents. 

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Stanley Ye

Senior Salesforce Developer

Aijalon is a professional and very experienced recruiter. Under his assistance, I successfully got my new offer with Kincare. I do appreciate it and genuinely recommend Aijalon to anyone else who’s started their new journey in the job career.